Slide Deck Design – Restavio

Design Approach:

This slide deck design showcases my work for Restavio, a company focused on smart vacation property management solutions. The design caters to potential investors, with three language versions available: English, Japanese (translated using an AI tool), and Traditional Chinese (translated by me).

The overall design will maintain a consistent and professional style, using impactful illustrations, clear layouts, and a color palette that aligns with Restavio’s brand identity. The slides for investors will utilize additional data visualizations and charts to support the information presented.

Slide Breakdown:

  • Company & Brand Summary: A concise overview of Restavio, including its values and brand identity.
  • Current Market Opportunity: This slide leverages logos from two of the biggest online vacation rental platforms to visually demonstrate the existing market demand for multi-family unit accommodations.
  • Lirio Product Details: This section translates the written concept for the Lirio product into a visually appealing and informative graphic. Consider incorporating key features and benefits.
  • Restavio Smart Management Summary:
    • This section highlights the core functionalities of Restavio’s smart management system:
      • Multiple OTA Integration: A clean graphic can depict seamless connection with various online travel agencies.
      • AI Dynamic Pricing: Convert the written information into a compelling visual showcasing the AI’s role in price optimization.
      • Guest Verification: This slide utilize an infographic style to illustrate the secure process of verifying guest identity using AI-powered KYC matching.
      • Smart Lock Automation: Develop a clear visual representing the automated smart lock system.
      • Digital Guestbook: Translate the written information into a visually appealing design.
  • Current Restavio Portfolio: This section showcases a world map highlighting the properties currently managed by Restavio.
  • The Restavio Team: Introduce the team members, with professional headshots and brief descriptions of their roles.

Client Success: Increased Investment and Japan Expansion

This slide deck design not only exceeded client’s expectations but also played a key role in their success. It effectively communicated their value proposition, ultimately attracting investors and propelling the launch of new projects in Japan on 2024.

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