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Project Background

Cozystay is an online vacation booking platform, who also provide property management services. A clean solution of listing a property on vacation rental platform. A way to guide user how to fill up all the required information to meet the platform standard.

Development followed Agile methodology.


Long process

There are plenty fields to fill during the entire process. It is industry standard and can not be simplified.

Grouped List

Due to the long process, it required a clear way to guide users where they are and how many left.

Clear Design

A clear visual will help users to complete the long process.

Edit Later

Users will be able to edit on the next time before submitted, or after submitted.


UI/UX Designer


  • User research
  • Product flow
  • Wireframe
  • Mock-up
  • Prototype
  • Interaction
  • Usability test



User Flow

Design Insight


A clean checklist that is separated by groups, and a progress bar shows users how much information we have asked for and what kind of information is still needed.
The checked icon simply indicates which sections have been completed.
As many pieces of information are required to be filled, it’s highly possible that users may not be able to complete the process at one time.
Therefore, we have implemented a feature that allows users to save their progress at any time and return to continue filling in the information later.

Edit Fields


Please click here to preview prototype, or scan the QR code below.

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